I host the Supernova: Commencements series where we interview thought leaders from across industry. We give students (and young professionals) LIVE access to ask their questions!

This week I spoke with Tanya Sam – Director of Partnerships – Tech Square Labs, Founder – The Ambition Fund. She is also an entrepreneur, investor, nurse, book worm, fashionista, and so much more.

This was a fun chat and Tanya shared great advice about everything from networking to staying motivated when the world gets tough. We talked about the role the tech world can play in today’s issues of race and justice, the term #girlboss, women supporting women, and so much more.

Tech Square Labs – bit.ly/techsqlabs
The Ambition Fund – bit.ly/tafund
Tanya Sam – bit.ly/snctsam

SuperNova: Commencements Schedule – bit.ly/SNCschedule

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