Friends – I am calling on you for support and help. The situation in India is heartbreaking. Family, friends, and millions of others are sick (or worse).

I am working on several solutions in partnership with various people and groups to provide some amount of assistance to the people of India, and there are three ways to help. You would be creating an even more powerful network of aid and care by supplementing efforts and connections we already have.

1. Telemedicine Response – We are looking for Indian doctors who speak a range of languages and dialects to provide backup support to medical staff on the ground in India. We are working with several partners on the ground but need two things – connections to Indian doctors here (especially those licensed to practice in India as well) and connections to medical staff on the ground in India. Even an intro to someone who knows people that fall into one of these two groups is super helpful. Please get us connected asap!

2. Ventilators – We are organizing the purchase and delivery of ventilators to India. We need two things – connections to companies here that want to help by donating to buy ventilators and connections to medical facilities on the ground that the ventilators can be shipped directly to. For reference, one ventilator is about $15k.

3. Donation – Friends on the ground in India are urging us to donate to an organization collecting funds in India to buy necessary medical supplies – especially ventilators (with setup), oxygen, oxygen concentrators, and more. Medical facilities are receiving funds directly from this organization and are able to order their own medical supplies based on their needs and for equipment that their staff is already trained on, etc. They have a transparent breakdown listed of how the funds will be used. Please donate here – any amount is helpful.

Thank you for opening your heart and for taking action to help those in dire need. 