I started the day early, before the sunrise, at 1:30am to judge the grant competition that we (Campus Community Partnership Foundation) host with Enactus SRCC in India. We interviewed the top 12 teams to pick the winners, and I was blown away with how socially minded, entrepreneurial, and driven these young students are.

They are super smart and eager to make an impact and change our world for the better. Projects ranged from water filtration and carbon cleaning to pottery micro-business, revolutionizing healthcare and pharma in villages, and reusing farming waste to grow food, turn villagers into entrepreneurs, and create private toilets (yes that’s all one project).

We gave away Rs. 100,000 to student projects which were substantial contributions to push their ideas forward. Money. Well. Spent. Our future is in good hands.

PS – thanks to the other awesome judges who gave their time and also kept me awake with fun conversation!