I host the Supernova: Commencements series where we interview thought leaders from across industry and give students (and young professionals) LIVE access to ask their questions on career, life, school, whatever!

Today I spoke with Shannel Wheeler who is Founder of the Awesome Design Academy, 2x Author, and Educator.

We talked about being an author, standing out as a designer, bringing business and culture together, teaching, and we busted myths about being a designer. Check Shannel out!

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Helpful Links:
Shannel Wheeler – http://bit.ly/3fu5Nuj
Awesome Design Academy – http://bit.ly/3fnqgRz
Books – http://amzn.to/2RhmkKp

Steppingblocks – https://bit.ly/snc-careerdata

SuperNova: Commencements Schedule – http://bit.ly/snc-schedule

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