I host the Supernova: Commencements series where we interview thought leaders from across industry. We give students (and young professionals) LIVE access to ask their questions! This week was our special Father’s Day edition of the show. Our guest was R.K. Sehgal – Former Commissioner, Ga Dept of Industry, Trade & Tourism: Former Chairman & CEO, Law Companies, Community Leader, and my dad!

We talked about him coming from India to the United States, living the American dream, what it was like to be in Alabama in the middle of the Civil Rights movement, relationship building, mentors, his new book (called Close The Loop)…and so much more! Wow, we really covered a lot of ground. We are definitely going to do a part two!

Also, technology rules!…except for when it doesn’t. Maybe it was user error!? 🙈 In any case, you will notice that I got cut off as I was ending the show and wishing our graduates well. I just want to reiterate, graduates – we are excited for your journeys ahead and would love to hear what you are up to. Remember, its a blessing to be a blessing!


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