I host the Supernova: Commencements series where we interview thought leaders from across industry. We give students (and young professionals) LIVE access to ask their questions! This week I spoke with Doug Shipman – President & CEO of the Woodruff Arts Center and former (founding) CEO for the National Center for Civil and Human Rights.

We talked about Atlanta’s responsibility as a city at a national level in the race dialogue happening, the role of the white man in civil rights today, leading a business through a crisis, the role of art in difficult times. And, he gave great advice to students about staying positive – especially now. Check out the discussion!

Woodruff Arts Center – https://bit.ly/woodruffarts
National Center for Civil & Human Rights – https://bit.ly/civilandhumanrights
Doug Shipman – https://bit.ly/dshipman

SuperNova: Commencements Schedule – https://bit.ly/SNCschedule